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The great stability and optimised dimensions of the new KX037 makes this new version, the best excavator of this size class category.

Combination of the multiple strengths of this very popular machine makes the brand new KX037-4 (remplacing the KX101-4) the reference on the 3,5 tons size class of mini-excavator. With the width of 1550mm, the KX037-4 is one of the narrowest machine of his size class category as well as offering great stability and efficiency. The new designed cabin offers space and great confort to the operator. The air conditioning (available in option) makes the confort of operator even better ! Service and maintenance are very easy with the 2 bonnets that gives easy access to the heart of this powerfull machine. The 2 proportionals and adjustable lines (available in option) offers large possibilities to use different types of accessories.